Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday 29th July 2009 - weather: bloody awful again!


I guess I need to apologise for not posting recently but as usual, life has been a blur, so I thought it was about time I did a bit of a catch up/update post to cover recent allotment events.

Firstly, on Saturday 11th July it was the Danbury and Little Baddow Horticultural Society Show. The program offered a host of showing possibilites, cookery, flowers, floral art, fruit, vegetables, hanging baskets and patio pots and a childrens section. Originally, I had decided not to enter this show due mainly to sheer lack of time. With the school summer hols approaching, and the children having so many social events, and my work really picking up, time was tight. However, when I suggested to the family that perhaps we would miss this one, they all begged, and pleaded, so the creative madness began. I visited the allotment to have a picking and came home with a marvelous bounty of fruit and veg, and the children were very creative. Following is a collection of photos showing the entries and their prizes.

Since the show, I have been visiting the allotment, but most visits have been short and sweet and mostly for picking. I have picked buckets full of my lovely Glen Ample raspberries, armfuls of rhubarb, some of which has been frozen, the rest has been made into my legendary curried rhuabrb chutney, lovely purple queen french beans, courgettes the size of thick fingers, or small marrows and much more. All being well, I plan to pop to the allotment tomorrow for a pick, so I will post a host of photos of harvests and how things are shaping up then.