Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday 27th June 2006 - Weather: warm, overcast and humid

This is a note for my records really, so I remember what I have sown when. Today I sowed in modules:

Brocolli - Corvet
Cabbage - Copenhagen
Florence Fennel - Montavani
Kale - curly - red and green mix

The greenhouse is filling up rapidly. I wasn't planning to grow any tomatoes in there this year, but have ended up with 3 plants and 1 cutting. Only 2 aubergines ever germinated, but they are both different, one is a long thai variety, and one is a regular purple oval. As we don't eat it in any huge amount, that is probably more than enough for us. The chillis and peppers are growing like crazy now and there are plenty of flower buds, at last! I also sowed a late pot of chillis to drag the season on into winter. These plants - 6 of them from a mix packet, will end up in the conservatory around November time and should provide welcome colour, and heat in the depths of winter! The experiment in there this year is the okra and I planted 8 young plants into a huge pot. Apparently they become very hairy, which can be an irritant, so I will have to beware. The flowers are supposed to be gorgeous, so even if we get no fruits, the flowers will be very welcome. I have also been taking cuttings from plants from friends gardens I visit. I have no idea where they will all end up if they root!

Right, back to more seed sorting - I am off to the plot tomorrow so want to make sure I take plenty of seeds to sow...if only I can make more room up there!

Ho hum....have just been looking at some great blogs of peoples allotments....I really must try to work out how to put in links and things. I am such a computer dunce!

Well what do you know, the better half has cracked it for me, I now have links and a counter! Singers and dancers to follow!

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