Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sunday 27th August 2006 - Seed extravaganza!

This is just to post a list of seeds I managed to buy for 20pence a packet in Wyvales on Sunday. I had heard a rumour through the folks on the allotments for all website, so took myself down there with the family to investigate. Bargains galore!

Sweet pepper - Jumbo
Sweet pepper - Big Banana
Chilli pepper - Prairie Fire
Chilli pepper - Joes Long
Chilli pepper - Hot Tepin
Swiss Chard - Bright lights
Climbing bean - Goldfield
Tomato - Supersweet (x2)
Tomato - Gardener's Delight
Tomato - Gartenperle
Tomato - Marmande
Parsnip - Lancer
Parsnip - Javelin
Parsnip - Tender & True (x2)
Herbs - Sorrel
Herbs - sweet basil (x2)
Pea - Jaguar
Marrow - Tiger Cross
Broccoli - Autumn spear
Broccoli - Summer purple sprouting
Lettuce - Clarion
Lettuce - Salad bowl (x2)
Lettuce (organic) - Ice King
Lettuce - Iceberg set
Chinese cabbage - One Kilo
Radicchio - Versuvio
Brussels Sprouts - Red Delicious
Brussels Sprouts - Bedford Fillbasket
Brussels Spouts - Falstaff
Cucumber - Prima Top
Carrot - Purple Dragon
Carrot - Healthmaster (x3)
Mangetout - Oregon sugar pod
Onion - Bunton's showstopper
Onion - Brown Pickling
Courgette (organic) - Dundoo
Courgette - Parthenon
Courgette - Defender
Kohl Rabi - Logo (x2)
Pumpkin - Hundredweight (x3)
Leek - Musselburgh (x3)
Cauliflower - All the year round
Cauliflower (organic) - Goodman
Calabrese - Hydra
Calabrese - Autumn spear
Swede - Brora
Swede - Angela
Aubergine - Moneymaker
Aubergine - baby rosanna
Spinach - Scenic
Celeriac - Monarch

Not a bad list huh! This should keep us very well stocked on the allotment next year!


Garden Cadet said...

OMG! Thats a lot of seed there!

Enough to fill several allotments, not just one, or are you planning to set up seed sellin on your allotment site/


Garden Cadet (A4ALL)

Emma Jane said...

Hiya GC, it is suprising how far some packets of seeds go, and how short others stretch. Some of the packets only have a pinch of seed. I have 2 plots, which I try to cram full, plus the greenhouse and a few veggies at home that the children sow. And, the plan is, if I look after them, hopefully I won't have to worry to much about seeds next year also. I don't sell any veg, but I do give surplus to the teachers at the childrens school and the neighbours, so it all goes to good homes in the end.