Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday 27th January 2007 - Weather: changeable

This isn't really a proper, I've been to the plot post, more a, I popped up to check out things after the wind, and thankfully alls well type post. Yes, after the huge winds that the country suffered a couple of weeks back, I shot to the plot, fearing the worse, but nothing had really happened. My brassica cage had collapsed, but to be honest, a lot of the brassicas have nearly finished so I do need to get up to the plot and get them sorted, which I am hoping to do on Thursday. Also, my fruit cage structure that I had started had moved around a little, but I have had a chat with the old man and he has put together some plans, and has said that it is okay to go to Wicks and spend a couple of bob on some wood and bits for the plot, so I am going to make a much more professional cage. That was it really. I pulled some chard and some leeks and some greens, but other than that, the ground was to wet to dig, and I didn't have time.

However, just to show you some colour, here are a selection of shots taken from my conservatory this month. Amazing how these wonderful things only really do their stuff during the coldest, darkest time of year.


lilymarlene said...

Wow....can you really grow Srelizia in this country? Are you some kind of Bob Flowerdew?

Emma Jane said...

I have lots of them in my conservatory, but it took 15 years from seed to get the first to flower. Now I am rewarded annually with flowers, normally over Christmas, this one is a little late. They are gorgeous, and the great thing is, the flowers last for weeks and weeks. Glad you like them.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Hi, I found your blog whilst browing for other allotment gardening/self-sufficiency blogs. Your orchids are stunning. I don't do flowers, unless you can eat them, but i admire people who do them really well.

I have added you to my links at If you'd like to link back to me that would be great, but of course it is entirely up to you.