Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wedensday 21st February 2007 - Weather: bright and breezy

Just a flying visit today - the second one this week. I popped up to take delivery of a cage! Actually, you know when you go to B&Q and see all the large rockery rocks stacked up in a circular cage, well I am now the proud owner of one of those. My boss had a large delivery of slate for a pond project we worked on, and they came complete with cages. Mine is going to be a leaf mould composter. I also had 2 more sacks of shreddings from jobs, and a bucket of veggie stuff for the compost heap.

The snow has once again flattened my brassica cage, but to be honest, there isn't much left now. I brought home all the cavalo nero as I could see it was starting to get flower buds. My purple and white sprouting is showing signs of flower clusters, so we should be enjoying that soon enough, but the sprouts have all gone now.

The onions and garlics are looking very robust and I have keeping everything crossed for a good season for them. It would be lovely to have onions that weren't full of rot and lasted a little longer into the year. I have chanced my arm and planted some maincrop red onions, so fingers crossed.

Back at home, seeds are germinating. Most of the toms are now up, along with leeks, sweetpeas, cauliflower and my very first chilli poked it's head out of the ground this morning. With the toms, I have so many now that I am planning on sowing a pinch of each, and if any don't germinate at all, I will give them a second chance, but if nothing, I will throw the seeds away. I have to be more organised!

I have taken part in a seed round robin and I think the parcel is now winging it's way to me. Very exciting. With these parcels, you never know what you are going to find. Don't really know what I am looking for, but am hoping for something a little out of the ordinary. I have started to packet up a selection to put back in, and I am hoping they are fancy enough to please the next person on the mailing list. I will let you know what I acquire.

The gasboard are coming to visit tomorrow to fit a new meter for us, so I am stuck in, so I will be sowing some more seeds. YIPPEE!!


Melanie Rimmer said...

I know what you mean. Keeping all my seeds organised is becoming a major chore. Should I sort them alphabetically, by family, by sowing time, by harvesting time, or should I just leave the reandomly mixed up in several boxes all over the house and shed? Maybe i should create a seed database on the computer so I can reorder them as I need? But if I did that I wouldn't have any time to sow the damn things!

Emma Jane said...

It is such a chore Melanie! I decided firstly to have them stored in sowing order...but then what about those that you repeatedly sow throughout the season, I would have to remember to put them back into the next section! And alphabetically....but do you lump all squashes together, or seperate courgettes from marrows from butternuts? Drives me mad! Mind you, at least it is a safe pastime - there are worse things to be worrying about!

Hope you have been enjoying the sun!