Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday 24th March 2007 - Weather: cold and overcast

I am having my first major day at the allotment this coming Friday and will be taking the new camera with me, although I will be sowing lots of seeds, so not really sure quite what I will be taking photos of. However, I have been clicking away today taking snaps of all of the seedlings I have on the go. So here is just a little gallery of how the sowing schedule is going for me.

What a jumble! Anyhow, there are tomato seedlings, cauliflower seedlings, beetroot seedlings, and the two window boxes are number one sons, one with carrots in and one with cut and come again lettuce in. Everything is looking very good and I will be pleased to get the sweetpeas and broadbeans planted out onto the allotment on Friday.


Multiveg said...

Have just hijacked the small windowsill in the spare bedroom for seeds sown last night! Still need more space - guess will be starting things in the greenhouse which isn't heated.

Melanie Rimmer said...

The seedling time of year is so exciting isn't it? All that planning and expectation. I love it.

Emma Jane said...

Multiveg, I am so pleased I have the conservatory. It means all the tender plants can be cosy, whilst the tougher old boys can rough it in the greenhouse.

I love spring Melanie. Nothing beats the sight of a freshly emerged seedling!