Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend 2007 - Weather - splendid!
This is a little add on to the usual allotment stuff just to mention our new and improved pond at home. We have really done the majority of the work over this Easter weekend. We had a small pond (I will have to try and find a photo), but it really didn't work for us. The fish struggled as room was tight, I wanted much more planting, and the space around it really wasn't being used to it's full potential, so, out with the old pond, and in with the new!

We created a much larger pond - 12 foot long and 7 foot wide. I don't know how deep! There is a large shelf at the back of the pond for marginal plants. This is about calf deep. Then the deeper part at the front of the pond is about mid thigh deep.....this is on 5 foot 3 inches tall!
The original pond was edged with brand new sleepers, but although this kept the kids out, it did look very unatural and made the pond dark. This time we have edged the pond with turf around the front and slate tiles around the back.

To keep the pond clean we have a UV filter and a pump shifting the water through it and then back out again through a pot filled with pebbles. This gives up the trickling sound that I wanted, and helps oxygenate the water.

We have a few plants in there - mostly plants that have been given to us, but I plan eventually to totally fill the rear shelf with greenery. I also have 2 small waterlillies. Again, want more, but these don't come cheap so will have to bide my time.

I will add more photos tomorrow, as I did all the planting up today, and forgot to take any snaps!


mc55 said...

EJ, it's looking great. I can recommend King Cup - it's like an enormous buttercup that lives in the water. It flowered a couple of times last year and is about to burst into flower again. I got mine from B&Q in the sale last summer.

Adam Fletcher said...


I really enjoy reading your blog; I especially enjoyed reading your recent post which was dedicated to Supersprout.

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Sweet-pea said...

Your pond is looking great :-) I think I've just offered to send you some plants for it on A4A, unless you're a different EJ. It's nice to see where their new home will be. I cleared out our pond the weekend before last, hence the spare plants as it was really overgrown.
SP x

Emma Jane said...

Thanks for that MC55. I am keeping my eyes open at B&Q as I remember last year they really reduced the prices of their pond plants.

Sweetpea, yup, it is me from a4all and I am looking forward to your plants arriving over the next few days. Thanks to several offers and parcels in the post, we are going to have quite a mix of colours and textures in the pond.

Hi Adam, I shall add your link to my list of links....if I can remember how on earth to do it!!