Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday 9th January 2008 - Weather: chilly but sunny

After a night of gales and rain the garden I should have been working in today was flooded so I decided to nip to the allotment and see what was what and to see if I could continue with clearing the strawberry bed. After a good hours digging I was squelching and sliding all over the place so I decided enough was enough and I came home to sow some seeds in the greenhouse. Now I know I am a tad early and rather keen, but if I don't do these things when I have the time, I end up missing out.

So today I sowed:

Ramata di Milano
Ailsa Craig
Bedfordordshire champion
Brown pickling
Rijnsburger - all onions

Prisma shallot (supposed to be white rot resistant)

Autumn Giant
Bleu de Solaise - all Leeks

What a lot of aliums I hear you cry. Well, I have never grow bulbing onions from seed before, and we eat a lot of onions, using at least 2 pretty much every day and, well, why not.

I then went to the nursery as I knew Wyvales have their seed spuds in and sure enough I had a little potato spending spree coming home with 12 tubers of each of the following: Picasso, Romano, Red Duke of York, Ratte, Pink Fur Apple, Majestic, Epicure, Kestrel and Estima. Seems like a lot, but because I only had 12 of each it means I will have more room for more varieties, and I love to try lots of different tatters. PFA are my faves as they make the best chips and roasties, and kestrel for me last year were whoppers, perfect for baking. They had loads of varieties, and when it gets to planting time, if I have the room, I may do a few more, but with all those onions to plant out at some point, I might not have the room!

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Paul and Melanie said...

Thats the problem isn't it. Space. I keep thinking I'm done with seed buying for the year then I accidentaly spy something and think 'oh yeah, could do some of them too...' and before you know it I'm looking at my plot plan and wondering quite how I fit a million differnt veg into ten average sized beds... lol ;)