Sunday, May 11, 2008

Friday 9th May - Weather: glorious sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, 26'c

What a lovely day! Sun sun sun all the way. Is this our summer? If so, hope it lasts. Anyhow, didn't get on the plot until about 10 as we had daughter number ones assembly. A lovely show about healthy eating. Expected to see a few people on the plot as it was such a delicious day, but alas, only Joe turned up around mid morning. Today the car was full of plants to get in. No digging or seed sowing planned. First to get in, brussel sprouts followed by cauliflowers and lettuce. The lettuce are being interplanted with the brassicas and I think that will work well. As I extended the brassica bed, of course I had to extend the netting cage which is a palava. Whoever invented net needs shooting as it tangles and twists. At least it was a still day so it didn't blow all over the place. Once the cage was sorted I went on to plant a row of bright lights swiss chard. Next in, sunflowers. Trying to grow a few more flowers this year, I have the room if I am sensible with my space, and they kids love them, I love cutting them to bring them home, and of course, I can enter them in the horticultural show in July and again in September. So, to add to the sunflowers, I planted 2 rows of dahlias that I have grown from seed. I never have a great deal of luck with these, so fingers crossed they do well. There is a lady on our site and she grew some lovely dahlias from seed last year on her plot, so I figure if she can, so can I. Of course, I don't really water once plants are established, so that could go against me, but we shall see. I planted 4 mixed gourd plants as they were trying to take over my greenhouse and that was all I had time for really. I gave everything I planted a really good watering, which completely emptied my big waterbutt on plot 2, and I'm ashamed to admit, I sprinkled a few 'wildlife friendly' slug pellets around - if I didn't, there would be nothing left by the next visit.

As I still had about an hour spare, I went into the fruit cage and had a good weed, there are trillions of dock seedlings to get out, and whilst in there I noticed that the redcurrants are already dripping in fruit, as are the gooseberries. I then finished clearing the last of the brassicas that had gone to seed and we still hanging around. On inspection of plot number one I noticed I have a lovely row of rocket and little gem lettuce seedlings all up. Also plenty of marestail, but I deal with that as I weed, it doesn't drive me potty like it does some.

Next visit will be next Wednesday and I shall be taking my sweetcorn, some more lettuce, and a small selection of tomatos which have been hardening off nicely in a cosy corner of the garden. I also hope to sow some more seeds, but if we don't have any rain before then, I may lay off sowing as the ground has a hard crust at the moment.

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