Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 13th April 2010 - weather: Glorious!

A brief allotment encounter today. Daughter number one is attending a school club every morning this week, so number one son and I popped to the plot today. The deer proofing seems to be holding up well, and there doesn't seem to be any damage anywhere. I have peas germinating, radish and salad bowl lettuce. I also think I spotted some teeny carrot seedlings. Plus, the first Maris Piper spud is poking through the earth. Hoorah - spring is springing all over the plot at long last.

This morning was really for him, so we weeded and gently forked over his square, which he then meticulously raked level. He went on to plant 8 greyhound cabbage and 3 red lollo rosso lettuce. We also sowed a short row of calendula seeds. Of course, all of this had to be netted. Honestly, the netting takes longer than the planting and is becoming somewhat frustrating. I am going to have to invest in lots and lots of netting. Anyhow, whilst he went of to play shipwrecks in the stream, I planted the rest of the lettuce and got them netted.

I started to weed the last area in my netted seed plot over in allotment one, but number one son was by now geting bored, so we picked some daffs, the first 4 longest stems of rhubarb, and 2 stonking, show stopping leeks and headed for home.

I may well try to get back to the plot early Sunday morning for a few hours. The fruit cage is incredibly weedy. I need to sow beetroot, turnips and so on. I haven't yet tilled the old brassica area in preperation for courgettes and corn and I want to put down weed supressing membrane also. And both plots could really do with edging and the paths need cutting. Will I ever get on top of things??

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