Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 17th June 2010 - weather: clear blue sky and sunshine.

What a beautiful day, hey hey, what a beautiful the song goes. Not a cloud in the sky on this late spring morning. I didn't arrive at the plot until 10.30, and before I could even get to my allotments, I was collared by old Jack who pointed out that blight has already hit some of our plottie neighbours spuds. EEEK! He then cut me some little gem lettuce, not that I need any as I have a nice row of my own, but I don't like to say no to him as he grows so many, they only end up on the compost heap, plus they keep so well in the fridge, so they will get used, and any left overs, the guineas and quail get to scoff. He loves to share his bounty with us lottie ladies.

Still no carrots. What is it with me and carrots this year? I have purchased new seed, have a fine tilth, watered and destoned, but still no stinking carrots. The same can also be said for Parsnips. I have some brand new parsnip seed, so will sow again next week, but if nothing grows, then I shall stop worrying and sow some peas in their place.

I got out my trusty hoe/rake tool, and de-weeded both allotment plots. I LOVE that tool. Once again I ask you, why oh why didn't I learn how to use it years ago?

On plot 2, I hoed all around the onions, pulled those whose necks were bent, and planted the last of my brassicas under the new net construction. I have more greens planted this year than ever before. There is also an ample space for my late sowing of spinach, chard, pak choi and peas. Of course, if I plan to plant these in the next couple of weeks, I am going to have to sort out my deer netting, which was my next job, using the last of my dayglow yellow builders mesh. I know the deer are about as I sowed a row of dwarf haricot beans inbetween a row of cabbage, and those inside the net cage have all germinated and are growing lovely, nothing beyond the net.

I planted 16 runner bean plants - 2 to a cane, and 8 dwarf frenchies that I had sown just to use up a packet. The tomatoes are all growing very well, plenty of flowers, and on my tumblers in the scarecrow head....fruits. Don't know how the spuds are doing really. Not a lot of growth above ground, and I blame the lack of rain. However, loads and loads of time, and they aren't showing any signs of flowering, so I won't worry about them, however, I will get myself a job lot of Bordeaux mix and spray the spuds and toms next week.

Strawbs aplenty on the plants. I have already picked 2 punnets full and enjoyed them with cream, and there are loads and loads to come. The same with raspberries. Looks like it is going to be a bumper fruity year.

Had to leave the site at 2 to collect daughter number one and a couple of her classmates who were at a creative writing event but I was really pleased with what I managed to achieve in that time. Didn't take the camera, will endeavour to remember it next time.

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