Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday - weather: Beautiful, glorious, sun drenched day. BLISS.

Happy Good Friday dear readers. Have you had any chocolate yet? I haven't received any Easter eggs this year, which is fine as I am just going to explode one of these days if I don't loose some weight. However, mother dearest brought me one of those cup and saucer planters for the garden as well as some other bits and bobs and we are having all of his family over on Bank Holiday Monday for a boozy BBQ so I don't need any Easter Eggs. Ooo, and no photos today, forgot the camera. However, I will be back on the plot on Royal Wedding day as I have no interest in watching it and have plenty to get on with on site.

Being a public holiday, and being so gorgeously sunny, we had a long lie in, then headed off to the allotment at 12ish. We had our trusty disposable BBQ and some big bangers and french bread, so all was well with the world. Hubby's main job of the day was to sort out our new mega water tank. Mine was to plant a bit more and water water water.

I planted a block of lollo rosso lettuce, a row of spinach beet and a row of true spinach. I helped the children sow some carrot seeds on their plots and they gave them a good water. I then planted a row of giant sunflower plantlets. Is it too early for sunflowers? Are they really that tender? They grow around my bird table all year round and with this tropical weather, I fear I have been lulled into a false sense of summer, frost free security. So, being so dangerously carefree, I also planted 3 courgette plants, 2 green, 1 yellow BUT they are all under cloches so all being well, they will survive. Also, they have been living outside in the garden for the last 2 weeks so they are well and truly hardened off.

Whilst pottering, I spotted our site secretary and I took full advantage and asked if I could use her hose to fill our waterbutts. She was more than happy as she wanted a hand getting the hose out and across her huge garden, across the stream and onto the plot so you scratch my sunburnt back, and I'll scratch yours. Two hours later, the monster tank was filled, as were most of the other waterbutts. That should see me through until we get some rainfall.

The strawbs are smothered in flowers, so next visit, first job, try to erect some sort of netting to keep the birds and deer off. The apple trees are also weighed down with blossom and the scent is heady. Picked a load more rhubarb as it is trying to take over the world, and my allotment and smother the pea plants growing nearby. I shall use it all and make an array of rhubarb cakes over the weekend.

Another good four plus hours on the plot, a lovely BBQ and a serious case of dehydration that can only be cured by a couple of very long, cold beers. Homeward bound.


Anonymous said...

You have a tortoise don't you? I am desperately trying to rehome our pair of heirloom 35 yr old spur-thigheds which have lived their whole lives free-ranging in gardens in the south-east of England. They have been given a notice of eviction (for trashing my aunt's flowers) and my vet thinks they will die of cold if I bring them up to Scotland. Know any tortoise lovers/sanctuaries with space? I cannot bear to see them go to total strangers or anyone who won't spoil them rotten!

Emma Jane said...

We do have our gorgeous tortoise, who is marching around the garden hunting for dandelions as we speak. He (she) is called Travis. We could very, very easily rehome them. Mum also has a tortoise and would happily take one in, as would we as we have the room. Trav was a rescue also, like you, we seem to be suckers for a sob story and an unwanted pet. If you would like us to rescue and rehome them, let me know. My email addy is