Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday 10th May 2011 - weather: hot hot hot!

Is it ever going to rain again? The poor old allotment is starting to resemble a dustbowl. I have sown seeds, but even with watering from a can, not a lot is germinating. However, the young plants that are in are growing great.

So, since my last report, there have been several short and sweet visits.

On Friday 6th I popped down between jobs and watered and sowed a row of runner beans with my borlotti beans. I did this last year and they are so obviously different that it isn't a problem, and anyhow, you can eat young borlottis like runners so everyone's a winner. I also sowed some more cut and come again salad and sowed a row of basil. Well, I couldn't get the stuff to germinate in pots at home, so, with it being so warm and sunny, I thought why not, nothing to loose and the prospect of a thick row of lovely basil is an enticing thought.

Sundays visit was to lift the membrane in the tomato house, put down a thick layer of my lovely home made compost, then peg down a leaky hose and finally, replace the membrane. The leaky hose fits directly to the waterbutt, so in theory, when all the tom plants are in, I can turn the tap on when I arrive, let it dribble for a while, then the toms will be watered from beneath, reducing water splash, one of the causes of tomato blight, and I should get lovely plump toms in August. The three tom plants that I had already planted have done great and already have flowers on them. The rest will be planted out this coming Friday. I also picked a few ripe strawbs and some salad - an early summer bonus.

Another brief visit took place on Monday for watering and weeding. Even the weekend rain didn't penetrate deeply so I am emptying waterbutts trying to keep things turgid. (I like the word turgid.) I picked a couple more strawbs and my first broadbeans, which although still small, are perfectly formed and delish quickly boiled and served with my home grown salad and home grown peppery radish. Actually, the salad is doing really well and I have managed to do several sowings over several weeks so I should have plenty for the summer.

Finally, today after work. Had an hour so took my sweetcorn plants with me and planted approximately 50. I now have a big blood blister in the palm of my hand which is stinging, but I am pleased to get those plants in and watered.

I may have a chance for a brief visit on Thursday, but I will definately be on site all day Friday and plan to get as much planted as possible.

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Anonymous said...

You have my deepest sympathy, I too have been really suffering this past week. It seems every time I go out the back door my eyes water, my nose runs and I'm coughing and spluttering.

I'm surprised you have been able to do do what you have, I'm full of admiration!