Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday 18th March 2012 - Livestock update

Happy Mothering Sunday

Who would have thought, since my last livestock update, our prehistoric chums, Tom and Bertha are up and around. Hubby went to the garage for something completely unrelated on the 3rd March, and old Tom was scrambling to escape his winter prison cell, and Bertha was awake, although not quite as keen as Tom. They spent a couple of warm days indoors where we could make sure they were okay and eating well, and since then they have been spending their days out in the garden and their nights back indoors in the tortoise house to keep cosy. To say they are catching up with their eating would be an understatement. At the moment, you could wave a wilted lettuce leaf at them and they would snatch is and scoff it in a matter of seconds. They have many monthes worth of meal catching up to do. It is such a relief that they made it safely through their first winter with us. We have never hibernated pets before, but it seems we did okay. Phewie! It is hard to tell if Travis, our non-hibernating Hermans is pleased to have his old playmates back again, but old Tom is thrilled to be back with his woman and hasn't stopped making sexual advances since they awoke from their slumber. Filth!!

The baby bunnies are doing great and will be a month old this coming Tuesday. They are eating us out of house and home so another 2 weeks and they will hopefully leave their mum to start new lives with new families.....hopefully.

The quail are laying, well, one is regularly. We are getting an egg a day at the moment, so fingers crossed, any time now, we will once again be inundated with delicious little eggs to enjoy for brekky.

The frogspawn in the pond is already looking tadpoley and we have birds nesting everywhere in the garden.

I will get busy with the camera this week and take some photos of our zoo so you can see how the critters are all doing.

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