Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sunday 1st April 2012 - Spring

Mr and Mrs Wren have been busy filling my little wicker nesting basket with moss from the lawn. They are both very vocal but I have no idea if they are planning to use this nest. I have a feeling male wrens build several and then takes the wifey to check them out and she chooses the best. I would definately choose this one if I were Jenny as it looks so snug and it is in such a desirable location.

It is true, I do have greenfingers, after all, just look at the size of those toadstools!

My dessert island flower, the snakes head fritillary. I just adore the intricate checker board pattern on the petals. I have several clumps of this colour and one growing clump of white frits. It has taken me several years to get them established, but at last we are off and running.

And lastly some conservatory blooms. My bird of paradise have been flowering since December. I grew them from seed so each bloom is a joy.

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