Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday 13th March 2006 - Weather: 2 degrees but -9 windchill!

Well, as promised to me, I got to the allotment today. I had a big trug full of garden rubbish for the compost bin and my spuds desperately needed to get into the ground. I know it is a touch early really, but I have to fit these jobs in around life! The spuds were destined for planting on plot 2, gate end, and thanks to the weather, the ground was ready and waiting for me, all nicely broken down and soft. Back breaking work, but I dug my trenches, lined them with the last of my homemade compost from last year and set the spuds. I planted Valor, Desiree, Nadine, Pink Fur Apple, Kestrel, Lady Christl, Orla and Sante. I still have Cara to get in, but ran out of room! They may end up on plot 1 by the shed. Jack came and 'advised' me how to plant my spuds, and that digging a trench was a waste of time and energy, but it meant I was able to weed and get a nice lot of compost into the ground, so I was happy. (Also good exercise in the never ending exercise/diet chore!) This little job took all morning so I poured myself a coffee and went and picked the last of the red sprouts. Although they have produced loads, the sprouts never did get as big as the green ones. Okay for novelty value, but as I am pretty much alone in my love of this veg, I think I will just concentrate on green sprouts this season.

The weather must have warmed up because the weeds are all starting to grow. Plenty of creeping buttercup and forget me nots around. The ducks were making quite a racket today...wonder if something was in the field and spooking them. I am planning to pop back to the plot tomorrow to get my broadbean and pea seedlings in the ground and wrap them up in a duvet of fleece. I shall also try to remember to take the camera and take a few snaps!

NB: Carried out more seed planting over the weekend, but of course, the list is downstairs and I am up. however, I do know I have seedlings of beetroot, spring onions, sweetcorn, bright light chard, brocolli and cabbage. I also sowed some spinach, kohl rabi, chrysanths, I shall have to remember my list tomorrow and fill in the gaps. Lots went down to the greenhouse now to toughen up a bit. The tomato seedlings are now all on their first set of true leaves. The only tomato no-show is a variety called Fuzzy Wuzzy that Ruud in Holland sent me.

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