Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday 5th May 2006 - Weather: Steamy!

Just typical. Today was going to be my day at the allotment. Was figuring on getting my beans all in, lettuce and brassicas, and having a good harvest and do some what happens, I am struck down with a horrendous 24hour stomach bug. This is a killer bug, cramps, sweats, aches and pains, and as delightful as it is, spending far to much time examining the frankly modern design of my toilet bowl! Yuck - toooo much information. However, I didn't fill you in on our quick visit on Bank Holiday Monday. Mum was over to stay so she babysat whilst I dragged the other half to the plot. Although he was very impressed with my home made guttering structure, which had been working I hasten to add, he did remove it and replace it with some proper guttering and down pipe into the waterbutt. He also strengthened the roof. Now on my next visit, I will fork over the ground beneath inside the tomato house and get planting! I have quite a variety of toms, from beeksteaks ; 'Supermarmade', to black plum; 'Black Ethiopean', to yellow; 'Golden Queen', along with Gardeners Delight and a host of others. I promise to write down the names as I plant them and post a list.

The rhubarb is attempting to take over the world, so if I can't use it up, I am chucking it on the compost heap. Every little helps! Lots of germination had taken place - weeds as well as veggies, but there are still gaps that need filling. Monday will be my day! I will get up there with my hat and seeds and plants and lunch and flask, and stay there, even if it is lashing down! I will also take my camera to take a few snaps. I guess the apple trees are in full bloom by now as the ones in the garden have finally opened. The pear and cherry tree in the garden are also full of bloom so I am really hoping for a fruity year this year!

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