Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monday 8th May 2006 - Weather: RAIN RAIN GO AWAY!

Can you believe it? Well I couldn't. I had Monday clear, a day to finally make some headway on the plot and what do you know, rain is forecast. However, the morning started clear, so after dropping the urchins at school I set off for the plot. I had lots of weeding and planting to do and started in the brassicas. Managed to get all the weeding done and planted a row of cavalo nero kale and a row of kohl rabi seedlings, when slowely but surely, down came the rain! I was determined to stick it out, positive it was only going to be a passing shower - how wrong was I? It rained and rained and rained. I took a break and had a cuppa in the shed for a while, but I had so much I wanted to get on with! I struggled on, now wet through to my knickers, and planted 3 cucumber plants. I know this is horribly early for such tender plants, but I protected them with my greenhouse roof cloche. I left them as snug as bugs in rugs! At this point I had started cutting my hands and not noticing as they were so cold and wet, so at about 11.30 I thought it was time to head for home and a warm drink and bath. Before leaving, I did wander around and take a few photos.

As you can see, the blackcurrants are begining to swell, which for a fan of preserving, is always exciting! Also look at the lovely pink apple blossom! The scent in the air was incredibly sweet. And just look at all the flowers on the broadbeans, and not a blackfly in sight....or is that tempting fate?

Am still picking rhubarb like it is going out of fasion. Really need to come up with lots of exotic recipes to use it up - can't palm it off on mum as it brings her up in a rash, and the kids don't like it as it is to sour and they don't like the texture! My mixed lettuce germinated really quickly and they do look so pretty all mixed up. I now can't decide whether to thin them out or leave them thick and use them as cut 'n come again. And my proudest moment of the day, carrot seedlings! Well, little things please little minds!


Judith said...

Have you tried your kids with rhubarb fool? You can puree the fruit to get a really smooth texture and the cream makes it lovely! You can also use honey instead of sugar which is slightly healthier.

Emma Jane said...

I haven't, but they are so fussy at times, it drives me wild! Thankfully there are 101 rhubarb recipe sites online to save the day, and I have been giving some to grateful neighbours. Supermarkets charge a fortune for just a few stems, so when I give away a dozen or more, it puts a smile on their face!