Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday 13th July 2006 - Weather: overcast and humid

Strawberry sort out day! They have finished now, sadly, so the plan of attack was to clear all the old straw and rough foliage, try to direct the runners, pot some of the runners up for an A4ALL buddy, and oik out some of the old ones along the back that didn't fruit at all. A long job, but not to hot thanks to the thick grey cloud cover. Wish it would rain! The strawberry bed should have moved forward by about 3 foot come next spring, if the runners all behave and grow where I have pegged them!
I seem to be spending more time harvesting at the moment that planting or weeding, which isn't a complaint! So, yet more peas, first proper picking from my runner beans 'Enorma', a goodly harvest of french beans, the majority being the extremely prolific 'The Prince', couple of very lllooonnnggg spring onions, 3 black skinned courgettes, half a dozen good sized turnips and beetroots, and although I promised I wouldn't, a pile of rhubarb!

Had a good weed and tidy around the globe artichoke plantation. I am quite tempted to shorten the row by a half next year as we don't eat that many artis, and they are huge! I may dig some up and take off the babies, pot them up and overwinter them in the greenhouse, then offer them out as they should be a good size and productive.

Looks like blight has hit some of my volunteer spuds. I cut down the foliage and dumped it behind my shed. Hope the toms don't suffer as I am now out of Bordeaux, and I really would prefer not to dust them again. They are looking great - upright and healthy with lashings of fruit....keep your fingers crossed for me! I was hoping to get in amongst them and tie them up and remove some side shoots and lower leaves, but as I had handled the blighted spud foliage I decided to stay well away from the toms rather than spread it from my clothes and tools.

Weeded 'The Pumpkin Patch' and examined the various friuts. Loads of courgies to come - yellow, black and green, pattypans showing themselves, round courgettes, melons and cucumbers. I reakon I will be able to pick 4 or 5 cucumbers by the middle of next week. Wish the people with the plot next to my pumpkin patch would pay their plot a visit as there are lots of weeds that have been in flower and are now going over, and a good gust of wind and you know where they will all end up!


Greenhouse Girl said...

Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
But they don't get around
Like the dandelions do.
[Slim Acres]

Poor you ... at the whim of your neighbours green fingers ... Fingers crossed the wind doesn’t blow in your direction ...

And I’ve got to say I’m very jealous of your rhubarb ... something no longer in our allotment but which I loved as a child ... I even loved pealing it with the long red ‘stringy things’ which peeled away ... oh for rhubarb crumble and custard!

Clint said...

Hiya Emma,
Well, I have to say that your blog really is an interesting one all right. Lots if pics to compliment the text.
It looks like you are harvesting the same stuff that Ina and I are. That's a change because you folks in Essex are frequently a week or two ahead of us. It's a joy to see your success. I know that I don't have to write down all sorts of praises, cos you've heard all that before, I'm sure. hahahahaha. But I will make a few comments.
To be3gin with, I see that those runners of yours this year looks splendid. Since our friend in Essex told us about the runners we have tried two types the "Painted Lady" and "Wisely Magic"., noth of which have produced well for us. This yeadr we decided to use EM on the plants when we seeded them indoors, They developed enormous root systems and are going great guns in the lottie at the moment.
I was interested to see that your children planted yours under glass this year. We always do that because the jackdaws and the mice otherwise devistate the seeds when we plant outside in the ground. Aside from that it seems that we get a bit of a head start doing it that way. BTW... do you nip the tops of yopur runners out when they reach the top of the poles? often do you water them?
Well, keep up the good work and keep the blog makes GREAT reading.
Our best,
Ina and Clint

Emma Jane said...

It is frustrating Greenhouse Girl, those neighbours of mine. I appreicate everyone gardens in a different way, and some have more time that others, but I know I am going to have soooooooo much weeding soon!

Thanks Clint and Ina - glad you like the blog. I think I am a bit behind because I cannot water anything - or rather, I only water seed drills and transplants - and the waterbutts are dry and it doesn't look like we will be getting any rain any time soon. However, as you can see from todays harvest, I am pleased with how things are coming. I do nip the tops out of the bean plants, when I remember, but as for watering, they have only had what mother nature has provided.
Speak to you both soon!