Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday 18th July 2006 - Weather: 37', clear sky, no breeze, melting weather!

It was only a quick visit today, well, it was so hot what do you expect! Considering I was only up there at the end of last week, I was amazed at how quickly things had grown. Filled my basin with raspberries, goosegogs, blackcurrants and jostaberries. Another bowl full of peas and mountains of The Prince French beans. Over on plot number two I picked quite an armful of courgettes, I'm sure they weren't there last time I checked! And finally, cucumbers! I grow the apple cucumbers as there is then no waste as daughter number one eats them whole. There are loads to come. Runner beans are plentiful. Probably not doing as well as they should, a drop of rain would be super please! The last thing to pick was the first babycorn. I wasn't 100% certain when to pick, but I seemed to remember the idea is to pick them before the tassles are dry, and sure enough, a lovely long slender baby corn - I can't call it mini as it was over 20cm long. Daughter number one had it with her tea, fresh and juicy, just cooked.


Greenhouse Girl said...

Apple cucumbers Emma?
I’ve never heard of such things ... are they sweeter than ordinary cucumbers ... and how big do they grow?
I feel I’m missing out here ... maybe I should grow them next year if they taste nice?

Mia said...

As always, am jealous.
Apple cucumbers sound nice. Had fancied growing the crystal lemon (crystal apple) cucumber that the organic gardening catalogue (and Tuckers) sell.
What do you plan to do with your glut of courgettes?

Emma Jane said...

Sorry for the delay in replying - have been living it up in sunny France on our family hoiday!

The apple cucumbers are delicious, and yes, I do believe have a sweeter flavour than the normal long green jobees. Also, number one daughter is cucumber crazy and thses babies are apple sized, and she just helps herself and munches on them.

Mia, the courgette mountain is gradually going down. I have made cake, soup, ratatouille and will be making a double batch of bread tomorrow. Then the rest will be going to mums on Sunday as she works in a care home and they can put them to very good use.

Rain forecast on Saturday...am keeping everything crossed!