Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday 18th September 2006 - Weather: dull start, beautiful afternoon

Not many photos - took the camera, then forgot to take photos!

What a miserable start to the day! I had big t-shirt on, and jumper on standby as it looked like rain, and of course, the sun came out and I was baking!

First job of the day was sorting out the brassica plantation. They had started to smell....well....cabbagy! There were a lot of dead leaves and quite a few weeds creeping in, so I needed to get in there and clean out before my sprouts suffered. Suprisingly little catterpillar damage, but plenty of white fly. Was squishing, brushing and generally moaning at the little blighters. Am hoping that the improved air circulation, now things have been staked, or pulled out, or cleaned up, will help with the pesties. The purple sprouting brocolli is reaching for the sky at over 6 foot! Is this normal? I can't see if it is sprouting or not! There are about 6 nice cabbages, at least 1 is pretty much ready for harvest, and the rest should hold well in the winter for use as the cold arrives. Hopefully there will be a good one for Christmas, along with the sprouts and cavalo nero kale.

Then I had a general tidy up on plot number one, and filled a bucket with lovely apples. Although there aren't as many this year, they are definately much, much bigger. (As an aside, I have spent the last 24 hours processing apples, pears and plums and have them bottled, jarred, jammed, in cakes, crumbles and tarts!!)

Next onto plot number 2 as I really wanted to harvest all the squashes now as the nights are getting chilly and I do worry about vanadalism at this pumpkin time of year. Have a nice selection - no where near as many as last year - I will do better next year! (Famous last words!) The swan guords are stunning, and the children have one each to decorate or carve as they please. There are still plenty of squashes on the plot, and they will all come home by the end of next week. The other reason for tidying up and clearing the pumpkin patch is that area is going to be the new brassica encampment and I already had kale - red and green, and purple sprouting 'corvet' to get in. Netted them against the darn pigeons, and I'm afraid to say, scattered a few slug pellets as they seemed to be everywhere!

Dug up the last of my spuds, so cleared a row of Edzel Blue - nice spuds, okay yield, no damage; Red diseree - lovely big spuds, good yield, no damage; Cara - HUGE spuds, fabulous yield, riddled with slug holes! Such a shame when that happens. I wonder if it was the location as they were grow on the edge of plot one down by the shed, so in shade. Probably cool and ideal for every slug on site to come for a chip supper! I will grow them again next year though as they were lovely big baking size spuds - just right for this time of year. There are still volunteers that I haven't been able to get to yet thanks to other plantings, so the supply continues.

Am hoping to enter the local village show at the weekend, and I think, (fingers and toes crossed), I will have 13 items to enter. Unlucky for some? We shall see. I shall post lots of photos. If I do win a few firsts, I might be away for a while, maybe cruising the med. Wonder how far 50p will get me?


Clint & Ina said...

Hiyah Emma,

NICE SHOW!! You really did well, didn't you...and what about that daughter of yours--a first prize! All the displays looked so nice. I always enjoy seeing shows and fair displays. It is a good thing that they don't give-out medals for prizes, otherwise you wouldn't need any panelling or wallpaper, wot.heh heh heh.
The big news this side is that Ina and her sister are going abroad. They are going to China for a fortnight...leaving me here to clean the lottie... Did I mention how thrilled I am about that.
The last time that we wrote, we forgot to ask about how your "gardening-on-the-side" business was doing. Is it keeping you busy?
Well, I just wanted to comment on your accomplishments here. Lucky that you sent Ava back for the beefsteak wasn't it?
All our best,
Ina and Clint

Emma Jane said...

Hi Ina and Clint, Ina! CHINA!! You lucky lucky thing! One of my dreams is to see, and if I could manage it, take a stroll along the Great Wall. What are your plans whilst you are there?
As for the show, it was great fun, and I was incredibly proud of number one daughter. She worked very hard and she was as proud as punch when all the people started to congratulate her. It looks like the spring schedule will be cooking for the under 16's, and she is a whizz in the kitchen so fingers crossed.
The gardening is going great and I am keeping very busy indeed. At least things at the allotment start to quieten down slightly now autumn is here....she says....wishful thinking I fear!
Speak to you both soon,
with love

Clint said...

Hiyah Emma,

Ina didn't get a chance to read your reply before she left, :-( Sorry.(on her behalf). We have both been quite busy with last minute preparations the last three days. Whew!
My brother-in-law and took them to the airport this afternoon at 3 p.m. and their flight left at 8 p.m....and was on time. We came back to our place and watched the airport schedule on the compi. It was great fun.
Ina and I have always travelled through the years and never taken an organized trip...so Ina wasn't sure how this would be. We like organizing everything ourselves.
I got all the e-mail addys ready and showed her how to keep in touch via e-mail from there using Hotmail and Gmail... so hopefully the costs won't be too rediculous, if she can find a compi to use, that is.
I'm sorry but she took her itinerary with her but she will be visiting the "Forbidden City", some temple and caves carved out of pure stone(sort of like those in India), the buried army and naturally the Great Wall...to name a few. She should have a ball. I got her an extra memory card for out camera so that she can take lots of piccies. We have always taken many fotos and kept journals of our travels through the years... so it should be a snap for her with this digital camera.
We had always used a SLR camera and now I must begin this winter to try and put those slides onto a CD or DVD.
I shall ask Ina to write you about her trip when she returns, if you would like and she can tell you all about the trip. It wasn't very expensive actually.
I wish you could have seen Ina and her sister at the airport... just chattering-away...happy as larks. They get on so well. It was a big step for her sister who has not travelled much and never without her husband.
Ok miss.... I'll sign -off now and give your ears a rest...ha ha ha.
You guys take it easy,
p.s. Glad to hear that your gardening business is working out so well.