Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday 23rd September - Weather: warm and sunny with a light breeze


Well, today was the day of the village show, and I had 17 items entered and paid for, which cost a whopping £3.40. I was actually a little nervous having never properly showed my veggies before. Of course family and friends have always complimented everything I grow or make, but so they should, they are related or as near to it!

Everything was picked and polished and loaded into the car by 9am, and off we all went to St Johns School. We were the first to arrive, but others started coming within a few minutes. The children helped me lay everything up nicely whilst my darling ferried trays of veggies back and forth from the car. Took ages, and then he nipped back home to pick up some beefsteaks that I had decided not to show, then changed my mind about!

First for my 'Great White Beefsteak' (Large beefsteak class) and second for my 'Omar Lebanese Beefsteaks', third for my 'Alicante toms' (Tomatoes medium) . Highly Commended for my 'Reisentraube cherry toms' (small fruited class)

Third for my 'Edzel Blue spuds' (coloured potato class) . Second for my yellow courgettes and third for my 'Lemon Cucumber' in the outdoor cucmber class.

Third for my 'Marrow and Ginger Jam' (recipe using marrow or courgette class) .Third for my 'Greengage Jam' (jam made from stone fruit class)

Second Prize for the Top Tray displaying 3 Lady Chrystl spuds, 6 enorma runner beans, 6 white beauty tomatoes. (I won a certificate and was presented with a £5 DTBrown seed voucher.

And most importantly, Number One Daughter won first prize for her garden in a seed tray

I also entered other things which didn't win.

Really thrilled with the prizes and the taking part. Has definately given me a taste of what it is like to show of your fruit and veggies, so you just know I will be doing it again at the next show. There is a Winter show, and that is where you bring your most unusual fruit, veg or flower. Me thinks my swan guord will be making its debut!


Judith said...

Well done to you for entering so much home grown produce, and exceptionally well done for winning prizes as well. You are very brave, and very dedicated.

Emma Jane said...

Many thanks Judith. I really enjoyed it, as did the children and my other half. I was nervous, but it was well worth it. I have checked out last springs show schedule so I have a rough idea of what they are looking for at a spring show, and it seems to be a lot of bulbs and flowers. Glad mum has just brought me 500 mixed daff bulbs to plant!