Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday 15th May 2007 - weather: dull, overcast with occassional showers

Had a late start on the allotment today. Daughter number one had a doctors appointment about her granuloma on her face. It seems that even after her minor op last week to remove it, it is back with avengance. She has another appointment for minor surgery on Thursday after school. Fingers crossed it works this time, I don't think I can stand seeing her so upset and hearing her pain when then do it again!

Anyhow, regardless of the rotten rain, I got to the allotment. This was the first proper visit since the big rain started. Of course, all waterbuts are full to overflowing, and the weeds, well who told them to grow?? I couldn't believe my eyes. Seeds have finally started to germinate also. I have lots of beetroots, spring onions, lettuce, rocket, radish, turnips and carrots growing, but only 1 parsnip! I shall resow 2 rows of parsnips tomorrow. Also, rather miffed that the pigeons, or could it be the moorhen that lives on our site, has chewed my second sowing of Alderman peas down to 6 inch tatty stumps! I am hoping though that what has happened is the growing point has been removed, so the plants will bush out, and I will actually be rewarded with a more abundant, later crop of peas. Obviously I shall be buying some netting before heading to the allotment tomorrow.

Everything I had planted is growing really well. The brassicas have all come on and are making sturdy little plants, along with the lettuce and spinach. I planted a row of celeriac plantlets over on plot 2 and to be honest, it is full! The onions on plot 2 are Japanese hunions, so they will be lifted soon, some are already bigger then tennis balls! This area will then be filled with the rest of the brassicas that are living in the cold greenhouse, plus anything else I fancy growing. There are loads of volunteers spuds growing through the onions, so they will be a little bonus come onion picking time.

On plot 1 the rhubarb looked like a triffid, so I picked a huge armful of stems. Crumble and chutters me thinks. Also, one lonely asparagus, so that came home, along with 2 globe artichokes. There are about 8 artichokes still on the plants and masses of babies coming. I have discovered I like them best when they are really small. I top them and tail them, then simmer them until tender. Then I eat the whole then with a dollop of butter. YUMYUM!

I finally got in the last of my seed spuds - Maxine and Lady Christl. Pink Furs are through which is always pleasing as they are such delicious spuds, great for chips or roasting. I then spent the best part of the day weeding and getting the bare areas ready for mass planting tomorrow. I now have 2 areas ready for sweetcorn and mini corn, the pumpkin patch is all ready, oh yes, and I planted 4 squash plants - 1 courgette and 3 different squashes from Jeannine on A4all, and I planted 12 swiss chards 'Bright Lights' over by the sorrel that Saddad gave me and the Jerusalem artichokes - aka Supersprout.

Before I left I planted a row of runner bean seeds - they were unamed, just a handful I was given, but I do have 2 pots full of young plants in the greenhouse, but I am waiting another week before putting them in just because I sowed them so late, I want to make sure all that are going to germinate are through.

So, tomorrow again, regardless of the weather, I am going to the plot. I am planning to start planting the squashes, corns, tomatoes, french beans and anything else that is in the garden ready to go. I also hope to sow some more seeds....if I can find the room to squeeze some in. I will probably sow some lettuce and radish in amongst the squashes with the idea that they will be gone once the squashes attempt to take over the universe! I promise to take the camera tomorrow and do a bit of a photo diary to show how everything is shaping up.

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