Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday 29th May 2007 - Weather: Just awful! Rain, the wind, then hail, then sun!!

No, not an allotment visit, but the picture, as promised, or my very first courgette of the season. For you Lily, and others, the variety is Parthenon F1, sold by Thompson & Morgan and the description says:

'For extra early crops! Plants do not require pollination to set fruit, therefore adverse weather, poor light levels and lack of bees do not affect cropping performance.'

She may have been only small, but she was perfect in every way, and I enjoyed her whole, flower and all, sliced in half and cooked lightly. Delightful!


Sara said...

Congratulations. I love courgettes and can't wait to start harvesting mine so I can try lots of different courgette recipes.
Sara from farmingfriends in Yorkshire

Joanna said...

Brilliant ... I must read the T and M catalogue more closely next winter! Well done


arn said...

well done, impressive so early in the season!! i agree, must keep an eye out for such early varieties.


(A4A Oubykh)

lilymarlene said...

Thanks....I'll certainly get some of those next summer. They'll be perfect for the tunnel...!