Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday 18th June 2007 - Weather: Warm but overcast

Only had an hour to play with today as I worked until just gone 1, so arrived on the plot about 1.20, scoffed lunch and headed over to plot number 2. Plan of attack for this hour, dig up all volunteer spuds and clean the last of the overwintering Japanese Onions. I need this area to plant the last of my sweetcorn and sow some more seeds.

First job though was rather gross.....I spotted what I assumed was a dead rat in my waterbutt, however, when I grimly lifted it out using my fork, it was actually a large male a tree rat. It was flung into the undergrowth to feed any foxes or other critters that fancied it. Bleugh!

Something I am going to do whilst recovering from my operation is study weeds so I know what I have growing on the allotment. Yes, I know I have horse tail, bindweed and nettles, but there is a grown covering, strangling annual beast with pretty little orange flowers. I have no idea what it is! It is everywhere on plot number 2, so that is all coming up. Fortunately it comes up easily and is very satisfying because grabbing a handful clears a large area.

By the time I left at 2.30, this whole area, so a third of plot number 2, was clear and weeded. I managed to fill to carrier bags, one with onions, the other with spuds which is a bonus. I also weeded all around my red maincrop onions and shallots. Looked very neat by the time I walked away.

Sports day has been cancelled tomorrow due to inclement weather, so whatever the weather, I will be spending the entire day on the allotment working very, very hard indeed!

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