Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monday 25th June 2007 - Weather: rain rain rain

Firstly, the hernia is now history! Went into Broomfield hospital at 12.30 on Wednesday 20th, and was rolled into theatre at 1.45. The hernia was a lot bigger than the surgeon anticipated and there is some nerve damage, but I am now stapled together (gross) with 18 staples (OUCH!) and am under strict orders to do as little as possible for 6 weeks. Couldn't do keyhole due to the size and situation of the hernia, so will have a large scar at the end of it, but I am healing now, which means by the autumn, digging time, I should be as fit as a fiddle and ready to dig to my hearts desire.
Anyhow, mum wanted to take some salad, strawbs and spuds home with her, so we went up to the plot together and I hobbled around giving her orders. Filled a carrier with International Kidney spuds, picked 2 courgettes, the first yellow of the season, filled a punnet with strawbs, another with raspberries, and cut a huge lettuce. Also picked a handful of peas, but by then I was sore and mum was exhausted, so that was the end of the flying visit. I will have to drag the whole family up there at the weekened as there were several baby courgettes that will be ready for cutting, strawberries and raspberries to pick and salads galore.

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