Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday 10th July 2007 - Weather: bright and breezy

As I said I would, I was on the allotment just after 9am. I did swing by the garden centre first as I wanted to buy some florence fennel seeds and give them a go. I have tried before, but an early start on my water deprived plot means they bolt immediately. I am hoping a later sowing might do the trick.

Anyhow, I took things easy and first job, I cleared all the broad bean plants, cutting them down leaving the roots in the ground so they can release their nitrogen stores as they break down. I did have to dig a couple of stray spuds out, but I was gentle. The area raked lovely and I sowed a row of the fennel and a row of radish.

I hoed around the squashes and picked a selection of lovely little courgettes and my very first cucumber! Salad for supper maybe??

Next into the fruit cage where I gathered lots of raspberries and the red goosegogs from the plant my sister gave me 2 years ago as a birthday gift.

After this I journeyed to the very end of allotment number one and tidied and weeded around the gladioli. Only 2 flower spikes showing, which is very disappointing. Fingers crossed they are just a tad late and there will be lots there in August. Where the International Kidney spuds were cleared I raked the ground to a fine tilth and sowed half a row of pak choi, half of mizuna, half of chinese cabage, half red mustard, half rosette pak choi and half spring onions.

Begining to feel rather worn out now so trundled over to plot 2 and picked the peas and a bunch of sweetpeas. Also went around and noticed French Beans ready for picking so gathered long green, long yellow and a few short purples. Delicious! Plenty of seeds up over on plot 2. Lots of carrots, parsnips, beetroot, salad, corriander and other things. I do need to oik out the lettuce that have started to bolt, especially as I have so many cut and come again and little gem lettuce germianted now, I don't need to keep these others. This should clear some room as I need to put some netting in for my mange tout and alderman peas that are through, and also it should give me some room to sow some other bits and bobs. I had a good sort out of my seed box yesterday and found quite a few things that can go in still, so there is no excuse for gaps!


Melanie Rimmer said...

You're doing better than me. The rain has done for most of my crops, and the slugs and snails have done for the rest. Good spuds this year, but that's about it.

Emma Jane said...

Hi Melanie, we have been so lucky. Our allotment slopes gently down into a small stream, so the plot never gets waterlogged, in fact, if we don't get plenty of rain, you could journey to the centre of the earth through the cracks that appear.

Most crops seem to be loving this cool wet weather, along with the weeds!!