Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday 1st July 2007 - Weather: Overcast, threatening rain!

Had to get to the allotment today, really needed to get the last of the International Kidneys out of the ground, so I dragged the clan with me. I'm still off digging duty and will be for a few weeks yet.

My love and number one son were on spud duty. The lovely thing I have found with Int. Kid. is that the spuds all seem to stay nicely attached to the roots, even when they are huge, so lifting them was very easy. They are a lovely egg shaped spud, clean and damage free. I loved listening to the whoops of excitment as another plant was lifted and the spuds were gathered. Thanks to all of this boring rain, it looks like we are in for a bumper potato crop this year, unlike last year where it was so dry, we didn't dig any big spuds and were lucky to get any at all from some plants.

Number one daughter had tummy ache - she had been a little bit poorly in the early hours, but we all agreed the fresh air and walk would do her good. Therefore she was in charge of flowers and gathered two lovely big armfuls of sweetpeas, cosmos, poppies and other flowers that have seeded themselves over both allotments. She arranged them all herself. Very Sarah Raven I felt.

Whilst she got on with this, I picked what I think is almost the last of the strawbs. We have been picking them for weeks now and they have been fabulous, again I think due to the wet, warm weather. I will be sad when they finish, I think if I am lucky, there will be one more punnet full. Have to decide whether to make a small batch of jam or freeze them.

Then daughter and I went into the fruit cage and picked the raspberries. These are coming thick and fast now - Glen Ample, and aren't they just! Souch beautiful fruit. Again, boring I know, but this rain has really given us great big berries. Last year they were a lot smaller and I have to supplement my harvest with some that Jack let me have from his autumn canes. A pound of this batch will be joining the strawberries in my new Rumtopf, the rest, well, jam maybe? I already have a couple of pound in the freezer to make ice cream with at Christmas.

We nipped over to plot number 2 and I surveyed the scene. HAPPY! All of the seeds that I sowed before my hernia operation have all germinated! I could see masses of carrots, lettuce, spring onions, peas, mange tout, beetroot, radish and kohl rabi. The lettuce are getting ever bigger, so a loose leaf salad bowl and our first little gem came home with us today. Number one son fancied pulling some radish, but he didn't like the rough leaves so he gave that job to his dad whilst he picked peas. We then picked a few broadbeans and there were 3 courgettes ready.

All in all, a brilliant hour, glad to see the weeds aren't to bad, and now I have some room to plant some leeks and other veggies as the spuds clear. I plan to have one more week at home and then starting next week I am going to try to go to the allotment for a couple of hours most days. I also plan to get the garden looking shipshape and I fancy an outing to Hyde Hall, but of course, that all depends on my hernie-ernia.

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