Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday 23rd June 2008 - Weather: Very sunny and hot

A flying visit today. It was incredibly windy over the weekend and I had fleeced my rocket, radish, carrots and peas to try and keep the worse of the buggies off, and I was fearful that the fleece would now be on it's was to Italy so a mad dash to check things over. Well, much to my relief, everything was exactly where I left it on Friday. So I did a spot of weeding around my runner beans, little baby flowers developing already, hoorah, cucumbers getting bigger, yum, and then went and picked another big bowl full of raspberries, my faves, and a few strawbs. The ground is rock solid, even after the rain on Saturday, so I will need to water the 'leek' bed well before I start planting out later in the week. All being well, I have left myself Thursday and Friday with no work so I can get to the plot for the day on Thursday and get the leeks in, try and find some room to sow more seeds, and generally weed. Wonder if there will be a couple of courgettes ready? I noticed lots of open flowers on my toms.

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