Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday 26th June 2008 - weather: hot, breezy but cloudy

I would just like to say how happy I currently am. Why? Because it is 11pm and it is raining, glorious rain. Spent today at the allotment and boy was it hot and dry so this welcome rain will really help all of my seedlings along.

Anyhow, back to business. The plan of attack for the day was to start at the shed end of plot number one and weed my way to the top, which I did. On the way I dug some Kestrel spuds, very nice, plenty there but still small which is fine, it was only a test dig and pulled an armful of rhubarb. Picked a punnet full of raspberries, and another of strawbs and sowed some peas, carrots, radish, coriander and little gem lettuce. I also planted 40 leeklets and 20 beetroot seedlings. As you can imagine, at the moment plot number one is chock full. I am wondering what I will plant in the gap left by the spuds? Might start a load more brassica's off.

Next over to plot number 2 where I scrambled under the brassica cage and started weeding. After the pigeons strolled around my brassicas and stripped the leaves, I am glad to report that all the plants are now regrowing well and I probably only lost about 6 plants in total. In the various gaps I sowed some cavalo nero kale, spring onions, winter cabbages for transplanting later and some swedes.

The onion bed is looking okay, not as good as I would have liked though due to the white rot. I did lift an armfull of Japanese onions which had been bent over by the stong winds last weekend. I will dry these off in the conservatory. I then tied up my sweetpeas and tomatoes. I picked 2 lovely little courgettes and can report that the killer marrow for the show is still growing fast. This drop of rain will certainly help.

I barely stopped all day and my legs are now paying the price. Of course, foolishly I forgot the camera today....well, when I opened my shed, what was looking at me but 3 baby wrens. They all flapped around and mumma was outside shouting at me to go away, so I left the door open and one by one they all went off on their merry way - so cute! Then, whilst sitting having my lunch I saw a big shadow on the ground, and what was flying above me but a huge heron. Honestly, should have had my camera.

So there you have it. Next visit I shall weed around the beans, sweetcorn and squashes. I do have vacant space now so am wondering what to sow to fill it. I guess I have moolis and oriental greens to go in. Also Old jack has sown a row of wallflowers for transplanting to his garden. Maybe I should do that. Will have to have a good sort out and see what I have. Hopefully, back on the plot next week.

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