Friday, July 04, 2008

Friday 4th July 2008 - Weather: clear blue sky, light breeze

Another stunning day, although rain is forecast for tomorrow, and as a gardener, I have to say my fingers are tightly crossed that it will pour as the allotment is starting to look like a desert...or is that dessert...?!

Anyhow, not a long visit today as I worked until 12.30, so arrived on site at 1pm and needed to leave by 2.45. Really todays visit was to pick as I has spotted the other day that there were plenty of raspberries for picking, so into the fruit cage I went. The rasps are really settled and growing well. The variety is Glen Ample and the fruits are ample. A good size, sweet and strongly scented. I don't tie in the canes but let them wander and do their thing. It does make picking rather challenging, but to be honest, time is precious on the plot so if I don't need to do something, I don't. In the fruit cage the red gooseberries are turning colour and the greens are also softening and starting to look slightly yellow. The blackcurrants and jostaberries are also ripening nicely. The redcurrants look a little patchy this year which is a shame as they have always done so well in the past.

Next to dig some International Kidney spuds. These are a family fave and if I don't grow anything else, I will always grow these. They are in the ground for quite a short time and yet they reward you with pots full of egg sized spuds. Mind you, as time goes on these new taters do start to get big so by the end of the row I could end up with some bakers.

From here to the broadbeans. Lovely lovely broadbeans. I adore them, but I am alone in my desires - all the more reason to grow them. I only picked the mishapen, blunt or marked pods because I am trying to save the nice thick perfect pods for the village veggie show in 2 weeks time. Picked plenty, and there are still loads on the plants and the plants are still covered in bloom, and the dreaded blackfly that had moved is seems to have buggered off so the plants are really looking healthy again, unlike my onions, but you win some you loose some.

Cut the huge lollo rosso lettuce that I was hoping to save for the show, but it was getting so large I could just make out the start of a flower cluster, so salad for tea. I also cut 2 lovely courgettes, a round one and a long one. I did water the plants to try and encourage the fruits to swell, but my waterbutts are now empty so it is down to mother nature.

All of this harvesting is very time consuming, but it did leave me about 20 minutes to start to weed around the sweetcorn and squash plants. That is the big job for my next visit, next week all being well. Now, could we all do the rain dance please!

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