Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July 2008 - Weather: damp and dreary

It was just a flying visit today, just to water the monster marrow really. It is still growing well, and we have had some rain which will certainly help. I must look into secret watering recipes to try and make it MASSIVE!

Picked 2 courgettes and a lovely lollo rosso lettuce. There is plenty to pick but I wasn't prepared. I noticed masses of pea pods which are starting to fill, so again, a drop of rain will really help them along. There are flowers on all of my beans now, runners, french and dwarf and the seeds I sowed last visit are already starting to poke through which is fab.

Fingers and toes crossed I will get to the plot for an hour or so on Friday where I will pick the raspberries and weed plot number 2 around the corns and squashes. I shall also try to remember to take my camera.

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