Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday 10th April 2009 - GOOD FRIDAY - weather: bright

As apparently tradition dictates, today I finished planting my spuds, although I fear I might pick some up from the reduced section in our local garden centre after Easter. Pink Fur Apple, Wilja and another, whose name escapes me. I also sowed another row of carrots, but these are unusual for me as they are a variety my lovely American friend sent me and they are pre-germinated. They are like mini pellets so lovely and easy to sow, so another row will be going in after Easter, and once a fortnight after that until I run out of seeds.

Pleased to report I have a lovely plantation of young chillis, aubergines and tomatoes and now the courgettes, marrow, cucumbers and melons are germinating so at the end of the month, they will be able to start to go into the ground.

It was only a flying visit as we have mum staying at the moment as she has been so unwell and in hospital, but after the Easter hols, once the children are back at school, I plan to have some full days on the plot to get everything sown and planted for the season ahead.

Germinated on plot: Radish, mixed salad leaves, carrots early nantes, peas and broadbeans.
Harvested: Spring onions, purple sprouting broccoli.


Jo said...

Sorry to hear that your mum has been unwell, hope she's soon feeling much better.

I had planned to get my spuds in on Good Friday too, but weather conditions dictated not! Hopefully they will be going in today.

I haven't had any success with Aubergines in previous years, but I'm trying again this year. I have a lovely strong plant at the moment so I hope hope it continues to flourish.

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

EEEEK - still haven't done my potatoes!!