Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday 17th March 2009 - Weather: Sunny, blue sky, warm and bright

Amazing....I had 2 hours going begging, and I could have come home and done the housework, but I decided a much better use of my time would be on the allotment. So I have now dug right up and under my tomato house so over half of plot 2 is completely finished. I then raked and raked to a lovely fine tilth and sowed yet more parsnips, can't remember their name but they are a smaller variety, carrots 'flyaway', radish 'French breakfast' and celeriac 'alabaster'. I normally start the celeriac at home in the greenhouse, so we will see if this works. I also fear I might have jumped the gun as I was told this evening that we are execting a cold snap next week, but time is always an issue with me and so often I miss the sowing boat.

Last job I mananged to squeeze in was digging my runner bean trench. I alternate the side my runner beans grow every year, alternating them with tomatoes, so I dig a trench, a spit and a half deep, filled it with dripping newspaper, then a thick layer of soggy stable manure and then backfilled with the soil. It has raised the level but this will soon settle before it is time for the beans to go in. I won't sow the beans until the Easter hols so they are ready to go in at the start of May.

All being well I will be back on the plot for a few hours on Thursday and I hope to get at least 2 rows of my early taters in the ground.

Here are a selection of pictures taken over the weekend.


Jo said...

You've been busy!

At last I've crawled my way up to the top of the allotment waiting list and have just taken on a plot. I can't wait to get something in the ground!

Emma Jane said...

Congratulations on becoming a plot holder. There is nothing quite like it!