Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 26th June 2009 - weather: overcast and humid

I know, should I really be back on the allotment again so soon? Yes I should! Due to customers chopping and changing their plans, I had a few free days and where else would I rather be??

After spending the whole of Tuesday weeding, I decided today I would try and get some things planted and picked. First job of the morning was to plant the white sprouting broc that Old Jack gave me. This meant enlarging the brassica cage and strengthening defences because the muntjac family are regularly visiting my plot, leaving little calling cards all over the place. I also planted a row of young pea plants I had germinated at home. These are also in the cage so hopefully safe from hungry pigeons and deer.

Next I weeded and watered my squash and planted a wigwam if Borlotti beans. Again, these had been started at home so are already a good 8 inches tall.

A horrid, hot job next. I trudged the entire length of our allotment site 6 times to collect wheel barrows full of stable manure to put on the compost heap. Worth it though as I planted 2 lovely strong marrow plants in there. Hopefully this hot bed will really get them going.

A picking session next and I gathered courgettes, broad beans, strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, red onions and spuds.

The poor old fruit cage gets some what neglected at this time of year, so the weeds were making a break for it. I do have some weed supressing membrane to get down over the autumn, so hopefully next year this won't be an issue. Whilst in there pottering, a little robin hopped in. He had been following me around all morning, very brave, and flying off with beaks packed with bugs and wrigglies. I was worried he was after the berries, but again, just bugs, and when I left the fruit cage, he came with me. I made sure the door was well secured however....just in case.

I dug my row of garlic and from a whole row....just 4 useable bulb roots. Such a shame. I must remember to plant some cloves in pots in the garden in sterile compost for next year. Garlic and shallots always struggle thanks to the white rot. Don't know why they get such a beating.

Now blight is already showing itself on the allotment site, and I think my spuds my be suffering, so I had to have a spray. Did all the toms and the spuds and hopefully this will keep them going a bit longer. Last year I had hardly any toms thanks to the blight, I don't plan to get caught out again.

Finally I decided to sow some seeds and got in turnips, mixed salad, italian lettuce, radish, beetroot, carrots, mizuna and japanese greens. Next visit I will hopefully get in some florence fennel, pak choi and some more peas.

All being well, when I next visit there will be more broad beans, peas, courgettes, cucumbers, lettuce, spring onions and spuds for picking.

No photos today I'm afraid. I will take the camera next time as hopefully, things will have moved on a pace.

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Jo said...

I've picked the first of my peas today, and they were delicious. Like you, I've got some more pea plants at home which are now ready to be planted out at the allotment.