Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 22nd June 2009 - weather: overcast and humid

As promised, another day on the allotment - such luxury! Once again though, the order of the day was weeding. Plot number 2, the top half which is supposed to be my seed bed was (note I said was) covered in a creeping little weed which I have been told is called Scarlet Pimpernel with its teeny red flowers. As I pulled it up, I discovered 4 rows of carrot seedlings, 2 rows of beetroot seedlings, half a row of parnsip seedlings and half a row of mixed salad leaves. I continued to weed this entire section and now have a clear area ready for sowing spinach, chard, late salad, oriental greens and perhaps a few florence fennel.

Picked another trug full of summer fruits and I plan to make a low cal cheesecake with these. I also spoke to the site secretary whose garden happens to border the allotment site, and she confirmed that there are infact 2 muntjac that are visiting our allotments and making a meal out of our baby plants. So far they are staying near the borders of the site, but they have been on my allotment, so hubby and I are already planning various scarers and netting devices to try to protect our crops. Watch this space!

Lastly, before dashing off to collect the urchins from school, I planted a wigwam of enorma runner beans and 3 yellow courgette plants. I still have some borlottis, peas, brassicas and beetroot seedlings to get in. I have Friday free due to one of my customers going away for a long weekend, so I will be back on site yet again, almost 3 times in one week! Outrageous. :)


Jo said...

I've just got some carrot seedlings through. I didn't think they had germinated as it's taken them so long. I don't know how they'll fare though in my stoney soil!
Good luck with the muntjacs.

Emma Jane said...

My soil is a mix of stones and thick London clay. That said, I get pretty good carrots, altho some can be interesting shapes. I sowed some more today, well, can you ever have to many carrots?