Sunday, August 09, 2009

Saturday 8th August 2009 - weather: lovely!

Only a flying visit to pick and check on progress. Glad to say the oriental greens I sowed last weekend are already starting to poke through, I must sow more to fill in all the gaps else where on the plot. Picked more cute cucumbers, carrots, courgettes, runner beans, picked sweet peas and gladioli and picked my very first 3 tomatoes of the year. Only little plums, but toms nevertheless. I also gathered a handful of white alpine strawberries, a couple of stray red strawbs and a few loganberries from a derelict plot.

I will be making a few impromptu visits over the coming week as there are council workers setting to work on the stream. There is currently a small ford over the lane but as the road is an unmade one, over the years it has become deep and quite a hazard and the stream no longer really flows but floods the road. The council are going to re-dig the ford and move down the stream onto the allotment site to clear as far as they can to try and get a flow going again. Next weekend, a group of us are going to spend the weekend clearning the rest of the stream down to the farm to try and clear it's path, and possibly sink a couple of bins in to act as wells as we have no piped water on our site. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures of the event.


Jo said...

I've just been catching up with your news as I've been away for a couple of weeks. You've been very busy, you put me to shame.
It's lovely when all the family are happy to be at the allotment together, and even better when the sun is shining too!
My allotment is currently covered in weeds. I think at the end of this season I'm going to dig the whole plot over and mark out my beds again from scratch. When I took the allotment on in March, I dug out the beds leaving paths in between, but the grass and weeds from the paths are creeping back into the beds, so I think this will be the best solution.
My tomatoes are at the same stage as your's. I've picked a few ripe ones, and still have lots more on the plants waiting to ripen.

Emma Jane said...

It is a constant battle between me and the weeds on my allotments and I never win completely. I agree with the path problem, I did the same between my spuds and it has been a pain so no grass paths next year.
As you can see from my new post, tomato havest has begun in ernest and they are all delicious!