Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday 23rd July 2010 - weather: bright and breezy.

Just a quickie really as we are packing for a week away. Shot to the allotment today to pick the raspberries as they don't last on the bushes like the currants do. I had already gathered several pound of rasps last week, and picked another 3 and a half pounds today. And still the canes are smothered in young white fruits still to develop. It is a stonker of a year for the soft fruits. I did also manage, before the kids started whinging, to fill a bowl with Jostaberries, another 3Ib. The lot have been sorted, bagged and are now in the freezer awaiting inspiration. I am tempted to start my Rumtopf this year ready for Christmas, so maybe the next round of fruit will head into that - so, note to self: Pick up a bottke of rum in Duty Free.

A quick glance over the plot and everything has started growing like made since we had rain. Several baby squash all set and growing, although still no courgettes! Maybe this will be a courgette free year. Yeah Gods!! Fortunately, everyone else will have an abundance so I won't starve. I shall try and bribe/beg/plead the kids to spend a bit more time on the plot once we are home so I can keep on top of things.

The ladies are all doing okay. For 2 days, whichever chickadee lays the blue eggs has been keeping her legs crossed, but today we are back to normal. I worry that it is the brown girl in the ring that the boys are shagging senseless who is slowing up. Three boys are definately for the chop upon our return. Six to five really isn't a good ratio, and never the plan.

I am wondering if they will enjoy scoffing earthworms? My neighbour has one of those plastic dalec compost heaps and it is very wet and packed, and I mean writhing with worms. I wonder if I fill up a tray with them, the girls will enjoy them. They love live mealworms so I can't see them turning their beaks up at worms that have lived on a rich diet of kitchen waste.

I need to do a proper egg count, but we must be nearly at 400. Gave a dozen to a neighbour today who is going to top and the gals water whilst we are away, and I have hardboiled 24 to take with us as hubby loves them, even though they are a BUGGER to peel.


Anonymous said...

Ha - I know, they're okay until your fingers get all wet and wrinkeled and then it's SO HARD to peel them without taking half the egg apart! Worth it though.
I am so jealous of all your soft fruit - yum. Happy holidays!

Emma Jane said...

Yup, a swine to peel but so worth it. We enjoyed them during our hols, a posh snack whilst laying on the beach. Definately easier to peel once over a week old.

We have so much soft fruit in the freezer, I am going to look into some different ways of preserving it other than jam for a change. I have started my boozy Rumtopf for Christmas, and am thinking of making blackcurrant cordial so save for Chrimble also.