Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday 2nd August 2010 - weather: bright and breezy

In loving memory of my darling daddy who died 10 years ago today.
I miss you so much dad, and miss our time on the allotment together - you chief weeder, me chief grower.
Love you. xxx

Okay, so I didn't go to the allotment today, it was yesterday, but having only returned from our glorious week in France on Saturday evening, I didn't get my act together yesterday.

So, a quick over view of our week in France. Glorious! The Vendee region is gorgeous, long sandy beaches, amazing food, wonderful people. Yes, I would live there in a shot. Went to the zoo, aquarium, boating, markets and went to a fabulous potager garden where they grow over 400 varieties of pumpkin, and probably a similar amount of tomatoes. Fab time was had by all.

But so much can happen on an allotment in a week. Before we went, the kids and I picked all of the raspberries leaving a lovely lot of just ripening fruit to harvest upon our return....but the wasps had different plans, and had sucked the lot dry. There wasn't a decent rasp to be had. On the upside, they had totally ignored the currants, so picked plenty of red, white and black currants, and a massive bowl of Jostaberries.

The French beans don't mind the hot and dry weather, infact, they prefer it, so I picked a nice selection of purple queen and haricot vert (seeds purchased 2 years ago when we were on hols in the south of France). I also picked the first bundle of runner beans, and am pleased to report that they are smothered in flowers. Runners haven't been great for the last couple of years, but this year I planted them in the dappled shade of the apple trees, and I think the shade has kept them a little cooler and they seem to be thriving, where the few that are in the middle of plot number 2 in full, dry sun are really struggling to make their way up the poles.

The beetroot don't seem to have minded the drought and I picked a few whoppers. The turnips have germinated, but unless they have some more rain, I don't know if they will come to much. I do hope to get to the plot in the week - with our without the sproggles - so will carefully give them a can or 2 of water and thin them out, less competition should mean more water for them.

In general, things are doing okay-ish. Everything looks dusty and slightly limp, but there are some different squashes developing and plenty of toms. Fingers crossed we avoid any blight. Next visit I will take the camera to show you how sad things are looking, but also, how good others are doing.

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