Monday, February 09, 2009

Monday 9th Feb - continuation of seed list

Okay, so the only potting compost I have left is down in the greenhouse, which I will go fetch later when I have my waders on!!

Sown today:

Basil Neopolitan
Basil sweet
Thai Basil
Russian Tarragon

Black hollyhocks
Morning Glory
white foxgloves
Angels Trumpets - blackcurrant swirl

To be continued.......


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Ottawa Gardener said...

The garden grows. I used to live in the UK - Colchester and Nottingham. Yup, it rained but Essex had its sunny fun in the summer. At least you're not buried in snow at the moment - are you? Heard Europe was having its fair share.

Emma Jane said...

No snow at the moment Ottawa Gardener but plenty of rain! However, the outlook seems to be bright now, so fingers crossed I can get to the allotment once the kids go back after half term and finish the digging.