Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tuesday 3rd March 2009 - weather: blustery and damp

At last, no rain, so off to the allotment for some serious digging. And that was pretty much all I did. I have worked from where I finished last visit down to the apple trees. I just have one small patch left to do, probably about an hours digging, but I was knackered by about 1.30ish. and I wanted to do my front garden, so I called it a day. However, during my coffee breaks I did do some picking, and of course, where I dug, I did clear a few crops. So I came home with leeks, spring onions, jerusalem artichokes, spuds, beetroot, carrots and parnsips. There are greens on the plot also, but as I didn't want them for dinner, I didn't pick them, but I have kale, cabbage, chard and winter hardy lettuce. There are also a few sprouts and brussel tops and hopefully, in a couple of weeks, plenty of purple sprouting. YAY!

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Steph said...

your veg looks delicious! i can't wait to get mine cropping - got to get my lottie dug over and planted first :P