Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday 1st February - Weather: Dull Dull Dull

Off to another of my gardens today for a four hour stint. Lots to do! Planted two climbing Jasmines on their back fence, followed by a willow in the lawn. Then tidied up the compost heap moving the newer stuff to the back so I could get to the rotted compost. Used a couple of barrows full to mulch around the fruit trees. There is so much green stuff on the heap, I think they need to get a skip and get rid of it as most of it is grass cuttings and they aren't rotting down, just going slimey and smelly! The out to the paddock where I needed to create a new long border for a natural 'prickly' hedge. They are hoping to remove all the fence once the hedge is established and knitting together. Going to be painful for me to weed as 95% of the shrubs will be spikey. I will have to invest in some good eye goggles and really heavy duty gloves. Four hours whizzed by, but wow am I suffering now. My calves and thighs are aching along with my sore shoulder. I should have a long hot soak, but the kids won't let me, and I have the shopping being delivered tonight! I have never done that before, and only am this time because I received a good money off voucher so it made it worthwhile!

At home, the kids were very excited as they spotted the first green shoots on my broadbeans and peas. Several of each are through, and if the temperatures would go up a little, I think there would be a plantation of seedlings by the weekend! I will take the camera down with me and photograph the babies!

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