Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday 31st January 2006 - Weather: dull and nippy!

Visited one my gardens today. It is looking lovely as there are snowdrops up in little clumps all over the place. I really must get some for my garden! Really just a matter of a little weeding and picking up leaves still, although it is amazing how much new growth there is, and they are keen bird feeders (have I mentioned this before?) so there are alsorts of weird and wonderful seedlings popping up around the birdtable. I won't be back there now for 3 weeks as half term is fast approaching, but when I do go back they would like me to start cutting back the laurels that are dotted around as hedges. They are as wide as they are tall, but the growth is plenty thick enough that I think I could take them back a good few feet without loosing any of the privacy they provide. There is also a huge holly that I will try to take back a little, but the biggest problem is a huge monster Norwegian Spruce like tree. There are needles spread thickly all around the base, and the soil around is dry and dust like. I don't think I can do anything about that as the tree is as tall as the house! I will suggest they get themselves, or I get for them, a load of well rotted manure or compost and heavily mulch the area under the tree to try and improve matters.

I was planning to come home and finish my own front garden, but by the time I had done chores, it was school run time. Oh well, tis another day tomorrow.

On the seed plantation front, peas and broad beans are just begining to root, so as soon as real live green shoots appear, so will photos!

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