Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday 14th March 2009 - weather: windy but bright and dry

Glee and joy! Hubby is home, nothing planned, so I was up by 7am and at the allotment before 8am. It is a lovely place at that time in the day, so peaceful, only the birds and bees for company.

No pictures, forgot the camera - dunce. But then not a lot of new stuff to see at the moment. Finished digging plot one, so that entire plot is now looking fab! Sowed a double row of Broad Beans - Long exhibition, half a row of cut and come again salad leaves and a triple row of Peas - Greensage. Lovely to actually be sowing again.

Then, at around 10.30, the family arrived. Now this can go either way. Either the kids and hubby get bored within the first 20 minutes, a row breaks out and some, or all, go home, or, peace and tranquility rule, the kids play wonderfully, hubby busies himself with the 'manly chores' and I can carry on tending to my allotments. Glad to say it was the latter and the kids delved in the stream, made magical animals and took them for walks and adventures around the site, gathered stones to add to my stone paths, and raked the ground level where I had been digging. Hubby meanwhile repaired the broken window in my shed, checked the shed was secure for another season, then repaired my fruit cage as the wind had rocked loose one of the uprights and it needed rebedding, plus the net was saggy, well, I am only short and could never reach the top to pull it tight, so he also did that for me. By the time we left, plot number one was looking rather dashing.

Whilst he was playing in the fruit cage, I started digging plot number 2. Not such a mammoth job as I did do it late summer and sowed mustard, so it is only a matter or turning it over and raking level. Half completed by 1.30, but the kids were hungry, as was I, so we packed up and came home.

At home, after lunch, I got on with sowing some seeds, loads more done, and the toms all pricked out now. Marrows, melons, pumpkins, squash, courgettes, sunflowers to name but a few. I will write a proper list later and post how the seed fest is going.

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