Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday 15th March 2009 - weather: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

What an absolutely fab day! Not a cloud in the sky, such blueness. Joy of joys, so I was up and out by 7am - no lie in for this chick. Carried on digging plot number 2 and am now down to the tomato house, so another hour or so's digging and both plots will look as good as new! Hopefully over the next 2 weeks I will be able to get my spuds in - there beds are okayish....some weeds which I will oik out as I plant, but I sorted them in the autumn. Once I have planted them, I shall cover the beds with the last of my home made compost to try and give them some love. Cleared the red cabbages that came to nothing, and the last of the brussel sprout plants - the guinea pigs, tortoise and locust (lizard food) will be enjoying fresh greens for their lunch.

I have taken some pics, but am pressed for time at the mo as we are off to the inlaws for lunch, so will add them this evening. Fingers crossed I will be able to steal an hour here and there over this coming week to get the digging finished and sow some carrots, salads, radish, spring onions and turnips. You can tell how happy I am can't you!?

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