Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday 24th May 2010 - weather: Even more scorchio

Yet another seriously hot day. Not really a day to be out working with the noon sun on my back, but my allotment time is rare, so after weight watchers (lost another pound), and Asdas (spent way to much, but have stocked up now for half term), I got to the plot around 11, and could stay until 1.30 before heading to work for an hour.

A busy morning on site, my old mate Jack, Ray and his wife who have the neatest allotments in the world, emphysema Joe who has to take things very carefully, and me. On our site, this is a full house.

After a brief chat with Jack, onto my plot. I planted the rest of the brassicas, so the current cage is now full. I have netting to create another cage, but really need to clear the onions. This happened to me last year and I will probably end up doing the same the cage over the onions and plant the brassicas inbetween said alliums, oiking them out when they are ready, leaving the brassicas behind.

I then decided to try and use one of the hoes that Jack gave me. I am not very good with hoes, and I don't like leaving the weed debris lying around, but this funny contraption has a blade on one side, and with a quick flip, a small 4 pronged raked the other, so I hoed a patch, then quickly raked up the weeds and stones as I went. Very tidy indeed, and I had completely hoed and tidied the onion bed in about 20 minutes. Fantastic job. So, enthused with my success, I then did the same further up plot 2 and cleared the area infront of the tomato house. The lovely soft tilth left behind allowed me to plant another 8 tomato plants. Perfect. I also took advantage of a gap in the onion bed and sowed a row of slender french beans. No idea if they are climbers as I bought them in France, so will have to wait and see.

Over on plot one I planted 2 short rows of perpetual spinach plantlets, and sowed a row of french breakfast radish inbetween. The deer proof netting is so fine, I don't seem to be troubled by flea beetles, and if my carrots ever bother to germinate, I don't suppose I will be worried by carrot fly as I have such a high and fine barrier.

I was able to use the hose from our allotment secretary, and filled all of my butts up. Suprising how quickly the levels had gone down since last filling.

A brief visit, but plenty done. Next visit, I shall get busy with my hoe/rake and tidy the spuds up and get them earthed up.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get on with hoes usually either, and it takes me 40 minutes to weed a bed by hand.

Happy gardening !

I am going to tempt my kids to the plot over half term by promising to get a pizza delivered there !