Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tuesday 4th May 2010 - weather: overcast and chilly


Of course, 5 quail just was not going to be enough, so hubby found another local dealer and we pootled off on Saturday to buy another 6. We now have 5 fawn quail, 3 range quail, 2 white pied quail and 1 who is still in her baby plumage, but I think she might be a fawn lady. Sods law, we have at least 3 boys. Oh well, at least it mixes up the gene pool, and if it becomes necessary, they will wind up in the freezer.

There does seem to be a lot of hanky panky going on, and I have to say, I don't want to come back in my next life as a quail. The boys grab the gals by the scruff of the neck and pin them down whilst they do the deed. No dinner...no flowers....no foreplay!
Our large white pied is very much in my bad books. I had a tray of lovely tomato plants growing nicely. They were up high on the staging, and to date, the birdies had ignored the tom plants....until last night, when our lovely big white girl, scoffed the lot! Thanks to her, I had to spend £6 on 6 new tomato plants. The things we do for pets.

Our new ladies, and men, are only about 6 to 7 weeks old so not laying yet, but the good news is we are now collecting 2 eggs a day, so our egg count is 15. Happy!

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