Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday 23rd May 2010 - weather: Scorchio!!

Can you believe this weather?? Glorious, just glorious, although apparently, only a brief visit from Mr Sunshine as the days will be considerably cooler as the week wears on. The car themometer registered a balmy 25' on route to the plot Sunday lunchtime.

Mobhanded Jack told me, and we were. All of us made the trip, including step daughter, the plan being sort out some more deer proofing, BBQ lunch, a bit of planting, then home for a cold one and a relax in the shade.

Hubby was definately in the zone - I told him what needed doing, and he got on with it, no questions asked. He put up our scarecrow and planted the 2 tumbling tomatoes in his head. He cut the paths all around both of my plots, and run the mower around old Jacks to thank him for the 6 white sprouting brocolli plants, onion seedlings and 2 cucumber plants. He then constructed pigeon proof netting on plot number 2 for my various brassica plants, put up deer proof netting on plot number one around my courgette/sweetcorn area and finally helped me water everything in. What a star.

Whilst he was working up a sweat, and a rather fetching sunburn, I planted 12 squash plants - courgettes, marrows, cucumbers, gourds and pumpkins, purple queen dwarf french beans, 18 tomato plants, 3 aubergine plants and 24 different brassicas ranging from white sprouting broc, calabrese, different cabbages, caulis and sprouts.

A leisurely lunchtime break with the kids, all sitting in the shade by the shed, the barbeque sizzling under the weight of sausages and burgers and will all shared a bottle of cola. Even though it is still only May, I was able to harvest some lettuce, radish and a leek to compliment our grilled lunch, and even daughter number one ate a radish...her first ever. Of course, the first was mild and sweet and she loved it. It had lulled her into a false sense of security as the second one was the king of peppery radish and you could see the steam coming out of her ears!

It is such an innocent way to spend a couple of hours - no telly, no technology - well, once the charges had run out on the i-pods, just gossip, jokes and laughter. A perfect day.

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