Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th May 2010 - weather: bright and breezy

I really need to perfect my rain dance, and quick. The plot is just so dry my seeds won't germinate. The beetroot has, but I figure that is big seed, and I drenched the drill, as I always do, and they popped up, as did half the row of spring onions, but only 2 florence fennel seedlings and a smattering of carrots. No parsnips or turnips. I shall carry on sowing and hope that when the rain does eventually come, which inevitably it will, I will be inundated with seedlings of all description.

Anyhow, to business. Tuesdays visit was short and sweet as I only had an hour, and I got called away by school after 30 minutes as daughter was having an asthma attack. She is fine, fear not. This visit was meant just for earthing up spuds, and I did nearly all of the 6 rows before the call, so I was pleased.

Todays visit was a longer one, arrived at 1.15 and didn't have to leave until 3.15. I earthed up the last of the spuds, then hoe hoe hoed around the last cabbages/spring greens. They are hearting up and I really should use them, but I need to do a roast or else be imaginative. I also weeded number one son's small plot where he has 3 pointed cabbages, half a row of calendula, and 2 red lettuce planted. I then planted a dozen 'Black Magic' sunflower plantlets in there for him. They should look very sexy, providing the snails keep off.

Now plot number 2 is weed free and looks great, so I planted half a row of red and green kale and half a row of cavalo nero kale. I did put some netting over them, just hope it is enough until I have time to construct a proper pigeon/deer barrier.

Over on plot number one I weeded around my seedless seed bed and sowed half a row of climbing french beans. I am growing more frenchies than runners as I prefer them and think they freeze better. I shall probably miss the runners and end up doing a late sowing....well, I do have a dozen spare 7 foot canes just hanging around.

I had a good natter with Jack, and Mrs Chapman, who's hubby broke both his ankles in a motorbike accident, and then watered what I could. That was it, time up! Half term next week and lots planned, but I am hoping I will be able to beg/bribe/plead the kids into going so I can sow another row of peas and plant out my spring onions and leeks that are in trays, wilting at home. Wish me luck.

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