Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday 5th May 2010 - weather: bright but chilly...again.

News flash! News flash! News flash! News flash! News flash! News flash!
Day one we were greeted with 3 eggs. No idea from which hen's bottom they came, but after that, we had only one egg delivered on the next 4 days. Overjoyed that my girls had started thinking about laying, and were obviously reaching laying age, we hoped for more. On day 6 our wait was rewarded with 2 eggs, laid by different hens as the eggs had a different pattern. One of our girls is laying eggs which are cream in colour with brown splodges, the other hen is laying cream eggs which are spotted with brown and white. Our 2 egg banquet continued for another 4 days, bringing us to this wonderous day. Today, whether from one of our new ladies, or from one of our mature fawn girls we don't know, but today, 3 eggs, and the new egg was blue in colour, more dumpy with brown smears. We have no idea if this will be a regular laying, but where normally the girls leave their eggs neatly in their flowerpot homes, the blue egg was just deposited on the ground on the earth.
The family have taken to sitting up with the quail for a while each evening, watching their antics and listening to their chatterings and them tapping on the greenhouse glass wishing they were outside. Of course, they have an outside run, which they all use, I think they just forget where the door is.
My cup floweth over.
Egg count - 18

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